10 Tips On Blogging With An SEO Approach

How To Blog With The Right SEO Approach In Mind

seo professional servicesRanking websites in Google’s search engines is not such a hard thing after all. What we need to understand is that the content must be written for the end user – the Google searcher. This person needs answers to their needs. The answer may be advice around products or services that they want. So when you write content for your blog posts make sure you always have the end user in mind.

How To Select Keywords?

When you have a topic in mind start to research in Google Search – a Google platform where you can find relevant searched terms around the topic chosen. Group a few of these keywords together and write information trying to help a searcher with the right advice. I suggest have two or three such keywords on one page. Don’t stuff keywords for the sake of ranking. It will do you more harm than good.

Though all three must, in the end, give power to the main keyword you want to rank for. Don’t go off on a tangent and confuse the reader. If you do this they most often leave the page within seconds.

Here are 10 tips that I often use when I write articles.

  1. Select a topic of interest that may be of use to people.
  2. Find keywords or keyword phrases that people use to find information on that topic you want to write about.
  3. Select 3 main keywords or keyword phrases to form the essence for your paragraphs.
  4. Next find 2 or 3 long tail keywords that could add value to each of those three keywords you picked above.
  5. Now its time to start writing a few sentences with the keywords in them. Don’t try stuff too many of the keywords into paragraphs as Google has something called Keyword Density and try keeping that within the range allowed. Want to know what KW Density is click here for more information online.
  6. I also use LSI keywords to add more juice to my SEO work. If you don’t know what LSI means then click here.
  7. I use a linking strategy where I will link relevant post internally using keywords. This crisp crossing of links adds more Google juice to my posts. Just 2 or 3 links internally will do to relevant related information that may help the reader. Instead of just saying click here possibly use a keyword as the ALT tag instead. How To Link!
  8. I do add a few external links linking to other high trusted sites on the internet. This shows Google algorithms that I am on topic with what I am writing about. Find a keyword phrase such as “seo agency brisbane” and link that long tail keyword to a relevant site. Other examples of long tail keywords maybe “what is Italian food” or  “which seo tools to use for keyword research“.
  9. I make sure I name my photos I use in the post with keywords or keyword phrases. I also add the keywords in the ALT Tags space allowed. So what are Alt Tags then?
  10. Lastly I may add a video on the topic I am writing about. It doesn’t have to be my video. I can place any public video from YouTube for this purpose. How To Optimize Video For SEO!

I hope you have found these tips useful. Please feel free to share this post or contact me using the contact form on this page.

Thomas Figueroa